Dave Smith Tempest drum machine interview


Dave Smith and Roger Linn have released a new analog drum machine, it sounds amazing and it feels great. The performance features are really dope in my opinion, can’t wait to see these things hit the shelves!


  1. it’s pretty awesome man! It sounds so fat! The filters? WOW! And the analog distortion/compression is crazy, also got a feedback knob that really tricks things out…it’s FUN and sounds great.

    Plus it has some samples in it from Goldbaby and FXpansion 🙂

    good times ahead!

  2. I want it NOW! lol… move over 808 the greatest analog drum machine may just be among us! can’t wait to hear it in person…. I am really looking forward to hearing the filters and fx process external gear.

  3. Yo Joe Watup homie, aight Korg came out swinging …I wasn’t a huge Korg fan but when they introduce that the Kronos had 9 different engines in it and I heard each of them …. Wow , and I was just about to sell my motif xf , and Roland fantom g8…to go all vst but I change my mind the future of workstation boards has just thrown the vst industry a over hand right…. Lol I’m sticking with workstations I’ll just add the Kronos to the arsenal I might also use that baby while I’m playing live at my gigs… Noodling Roland and yamaha will come hard at summer NAMM

  4. yo nice coverage I wish I was there , damn man the Korg Kronos looks epic! … I have been messing with their analogue and legacy series but this thing takes it to another level ..its got me drooling. All well its back to saving the wonga to cop this one .peace


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