1. Awesome synth for the price point!!

    MiniBrute,…hmm I am thinking there is another to follow in a series? Is there no SW GUI to save the preset?

    I like the hands on real sythn interface.

    Overall it looks killer

  2. I love this machine, just from listening to it on the Arturia website.

    As the pioneer of audio-MIDI feedback (see my endorsment by Sonuus for such uses of the i2M and G2M), over a year ago I commented that the next generation of synths should include audio-MIDI feedback built it.

    Well, Arturia didn’t quite do that, but they did build in a controllable feedback loop from the headphone out back to the input. It doesn’t sound as intense and wildly chaotic as my single and dual audio-MIDI feedback loops, but it is on the machine, and pretty growly.

    I have visions of combining the onboard feedback with the audio-MIDI feedback for some hope-they-will-be stunning effects. Stay tuned. I am told that deliveries will start reaching customers in late January through the end of February.

    Listen for the results on:


    or hear some existing feedback tracks on that site now.

  3. @soundandgear: Right! Can’t save pesets but since everything is out in the open, the guys at Arturia say…take a photo of it! I like that, too, as it is a gritty concept. Gets me back to my early days with an Andromeda A6, although it could save a preset.

    Still, I *want* this synth. In a sea of analog modeling and straight digital synths where the guts to build a patch need a manual (most synths from Korg, Roland, & Yamaha), this machine is indeed a brute. I want to twist its tail and hear it roar!


  4. yeah man, exactly man, it even comes with synth overlays so you can draw on them for your presets, plus a bunch of overlays to throw over the synth and match the knobs, those are your presets, you have to turn the knobs to get them lol, sick!


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